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Corporate Finance Advisory

Here at Rizwan & Company, we recognize that our clients need robust and reliable advice and support in the pursuit of their strategic and financial targets. By leveraging our global network and deep knowledge of the Pakistani market, we are expertly placed to help all our clients with identifying and achieving these goals. It is our corporate finance advisory services that allow us to do this.

Our team of corporate finance specialists have considerable experience of working with Pakistani companies that also have a substantial global footprint. As an organization, partnering with us is about accessing the insights and expertise you require.

Not only that – but you also benefit from our long-standing relationships with major financial institutions that brings added value. If your organization is planning to make a sale, purchase or achieve other fiscal objections, Rizwan & Company corporate finance services can deliver effective solutions tailored to your exact needs.

What do our corporate finance services cover?

Our corporate finance management and consulting services cover a broad spectrum of business functions and situations. With our talented team of finance professionals at your service, we can provide corporate finance support and advice on a range of business-critical decisions. What we can bring are recommendations based on extensive industry insight and independent analysis. At Rizwan & Company , our corporate finance advisory services extend to:

  • Debt fund and equity capital: Our corporate finance specialists can recommend the most effective means of generating capital through the sale of debt instruments or shares.
  • Project finance: In addition to over-arching corporate finance needs of your organization, we also offer advice and support on project-specific requirements.
  • Financial projections: From small businesses to high-growth ventures, corporate finance advisory services can help create dynamic projections based on thorough assessments.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: In our capacity as corporate financial specialists, you can trust us to provide expert advice on the successful sale and/or purchase of another company.
  • Public-private partnerships and transactions: We advise private organizations looking to secure public sector contracts or public sector agencies formulating new business cases.
  • Business valuation: By providing your organization with an in-depth understanding of its value, our corporate finance services can help you maximize your economic potential.
Who can benefit from our corporate finance advisory services?

Our team of corporate finance advisory experts work closely with a broad customer base. It is a base that places no restrictions on the size of your organization. Small start-ups, medium-sized corporates, and large financial institutions can leverage the depth of our experience and sector-specific insights. In each instance, our finance advisory services are shaped by your needs.

  • Business valuation
  • Financial Projections
  • Transactional Advisory
Business valuation

A business with an in-depth understanding of its value could exploit value-adding opportunities and maximise its economic potential. To paint an accurate picture, the valuation of a business or its underlying assets calls for a combination of science and experience. The business valuation consultants at Rizwan & Company offer practical insight into the strategic, operational and financial affairs of the business–so you can understand the real value–regardless of industry.

Financial Projections

Financial planning is a natural element of our work, here at Rizwan & Company​we helps clients create dynamic financial projections that take real data and map out realistic outcomes.

Whether you are starting a brick-and-mortar small business or a high-growth tech venture, we can help you prepare a financial model appropriate for your specific situation. We begin the financial forecasting and projecting process by understanding each client’s unique long and/or short-term goals and needs. We perform a thorough analysis of your financial situation and provide comprehensive recommendations and projections as well as financial goals and objectives.

Transactional Advisory

Minimise risk, maximise returns.

We understand that a variety of factors and tensions come into play when you’re dealing with complex transactions. Whether you’re making an acquisition, forming a strategic alliance, raising or investing capital or releasing funds through a sale or restructuring, you need advice that is sound, practical and innovative.

Due diligence is important in helping you make a decision regarding a new strategic business acquisition or venture. The purpose is to investigate the records of the target to supports it value. It is important to receive reasonable assurance regarding the target financial condition and value, and an in-depth understanding of the targeted business, identification of critical success factors, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses.

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