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Due diligence investigations

These investigations may be undertaken for a wide range of reasons but typically they concern some form of corporate transaction such as an acquisition or an investment in another business. DFK specialists are skilled in undertaking such investigations and have the resources to undertake complex assignments to meet the most demanding timetables.

Management consulting

Clients have access to experienced business advisers with specialised sector knowledge who are able to undertake international assignments. Particular areas in which these skills are focused are in strategy development and change management. Practical advice is available, to clients wishing to establish overseas operations, on the selection of an appropriate overseas location taking into account management objectives, market conditions, taxation and other factors that affect their success.

Business turnaround and recovery

A full range of services for organisations and individuals in financial difficulty. In addition to the formal procedures to which clients may be subject, objective advice and assistance is provided to help clients meet their financial commitments without the need to implement such formal procedures.

Forensic accounting and litigation support

Where  clients  are  involved  in  disputes,  whether  in  their  domestic  market  or  internationally, members provide specialist analysis and reporting services to support litigation and the resolution of disputes.

Business valuations

These may be required for a variety of reasons. Experts with strong track records in establishing and valuing a Company or other business structure. Where required, our reports are used to support litigation or negotiations with the tax authorities.

Fraud prevention and detection

Fraud is now a fact of business life and its cost to business is enormous. Advice is available on the prevention and detection of fraud, whether carried out using traditional methods or via the internet.

Other professional advice

Members maintain close contacts with business leaders, bankers, lawyers and other professionals in their community and can make introductions where required.

Our Guiding Principles

We operate under the principles of corporate responsibility and professional integrity. We ensure that no conflicts of interest arise as we engage our firm in various assignments in different Industries. Keeping the sensitivity of the accountancy profession in today’s world in view we assure that our accounts and finance professionals are aware of the developments and changes in International Accounting and International Financial Reporting Standards, and that advice provided to our clients is technically correct according to relevant tax structures of the Industries in which they operate. Additionally, research work and industry facts and figures used by our teams in assisting our clients are always checked for their authenticity.

Specialist Advisory Services

The diverse practice of Rizwan & Co. with more than four years of experience serves both public and privately held organizations and financial institutions. We provide consultancy services to both the public and private sector organizations in Pakistan and overseas covering diverse areas of business and industry. Our core service areas under the Specialist Advisory Services include

  • Business Risk Services
  • Strategy and Growth Services
  • Human Resource Advisory Services
  • Corporate and Secretarial Services
Business Risk Services

In the business environment an organization faces risk in the forms of demographic or economic pressures, innovation in or mere reliance on processes and technology and changing legislation and compliance requirements enforced by regulatory authorities. Effective risk management can mean the difference between financial success and business failure. Market and credit risks combine to establish the margin parameters of the trade.

Strategy and Growth Services

We help align the essential four dimensions of our client organization which are strategy, people, process and systems effectively, to achieve excellence and develop an integrated organizational strategy. Our strategy and growth services team specialize in advising and managing the fast- paced growth and development of our clients.

For organic growth it is imperative for the organization to focus, clarify direction and build value of the business. By carrying out comprehensive market studies, our team having a sharp insight and extensive experience of various industry sectors helps to identify key opportunities of your organization in the market and associated risks in line with planned business initiatives.

We assist our clients to take a holistic approach by taking care of all strategic matters concerning stakeholders, products & marketplace, infrastructure & operations, and finance & Funding. We help throughout the road map to growth from strategic alignment and business planning to commercial implementation and benefits realization.

Human Resource Services

In the New Age business world – speed, technology and premium on quality are the key attributes for success in the corporate sector around the globe. Rizwan & Company is committed to enhancing corporate organizational capabilities that enable them to keep ahead of the competition and meet the changing demands of their business. Rizwan & Company provides a comprehensive range of human resource and business development services.

Corporate and Secretarial Services

Our Corporate and Secretarial services cater to the various compliance requirements of our clients. The corporate services that we provide to our clients include

  • Advice and assistance in setting up of corporate structures
  • Handling  of  Merger,  amalgamation,  liquidation  and  winding  up  of  the  companies  and completion of formalities relating thereto
  • Dealing on behalf of clients with the various government bodies related to corporate legislation
  • such as the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Competition Commission of Pakistan
  • Providing corporate technical advice and secretarial services in completing documents and acting as Company secretary
  • Assistance in incorporation of companies
  • Provision of services of obtaining relevant permissions relating to foreign investment and operation of foreign companies in Pakistan from government agencies including Board of Investment.
Audit Assurance Services

These services include performing audits of financial statement of Limited companies, partnerships and societies. We conduct audits of clients as stipulated under the various laws in Pakistan and also conduct them as special assignments where requirement of audit is not mandatory. These include management audits, internal audits and investigations.

Tax Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services in taxation covering direct as well as indirect taxes. Our clients range from large multinational corporations who are provided advice based on international taxation arrangements and double taxation conventions to high net worth individuals seeking personal tax advice.

We can help align your tax strategies with your business needs, meeting compliance obligations wherever they arise. Our team can advise you on all areas of corporate, international, indirect or personal taxation. We work with you to bring you the focused, appropriate and effective answers you need. We specialize in providing services to foreign companies and their employees working in Pakistan.

In Direct taxation, our services cover all aspects of income tax, wealth tax and other direct taxes. The services include tax registration; tax planning and strategy development; obtaining confirmations, clarifications and permissions from the tax authorities; conducting tax audits; preparation and filing of tax returns, finalization of tax assessments and undertaking representations, objections and appeals.

In Indirect taxation, we provide comprehensive advisory services in the field of sales tax which includes implementing the sales tax system; filing of sales tax returns, undertaking representations, objections and appeals; and obtaining exemptions and concessions wherever applicable.


There’s no business like show business, but there are several businesses like accounting.

David Letterman

Proper accounting is like engineering. You need a margin of safety. Thank God we don’t design bridges and airplanes the way we do accounting.

Charlie Munger

In the corporate world, sometimes things aren’t exactly black and white when it comes to accounting procedures.”

George W. Bush

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