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Take advantage of Rizwan & Company business advisory services to benefit from expert, independent advice. Whatever your industry or challenges, our business advisory consultants can empower you to lead change, navigate risk, and embrace the future with confidence. While we can provide peace of mind by taking care of your accounting and tax compliance matters, our added value lies in helping you address business challenges and uncover opportunities.
As part of DFK International, the matters our business advisory specialists are able to consult on are wide ranging. From managing change to restructuring, reviewing internal controls, and strategizing for the long term. We approach each business advisory consulting project by developing a deep understanding of a client’s needs, challenges, and ambitions.
Our team will take a proactive approach in working with you across all facets of your business. By offering fresh insights and perspectives combined with practical and pragmatic advice, we can enable you to make critical business decisions with conviction.

Our business advisory services

Whether you are an expanding global organization or establishing yourself domestically, below is a list of business advisory services our experienced consultants can provide.

Organisational Change Management

Continuous changes in the business environment have forced organizations to find the best strategies to survive and thrive in an increasing competitive market. Through performance audits and reviews, we help you to position your organization to cope optimally and effectively with the industry environment, assist in identifying and removing or rectifying the problems and constraints that could or have deterred growth. As an organization grows the level of complexity increases. We help in keeping things simple. In doing so we create lean business processes, with comprehensive and integrated systems and procedures to support the business processes involving:

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing business or a proposed venture. Here at  Rizwan & Company our Risk Advisory team will understand your work methodology and goals to give you the an accurate assessment of your ideas; whether you are planning to expand your revenue streams, setting up a stand alone project or starting up into a new business venture.

Our feasibility studies will assist you in assessing the merit of your business idea by determining the market and financial viability which ultimately will prove whether the project is worth investing your time and money.

Review of Standard Operating Procedures/Internal Control Frameworks

A well defined Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) ensures processes being completed correctly while minimizing variability and maximizing quality. Here at Rizwan & Company we believe that SOPs are the key to profitability and a sustained growth.

Our well experienced team will ensure a standardization of activity throughout your business enabling accurate data reporting. SOPs will allow resources to be managed in order to reduce training times/learning curves and aide in making task delegation an efficient process. With helping Managers and Directors focus on business development rather than just daily tasks, our services would safeguard your business longevity as well as the experience your clients will have with you.

Strategic Business Planning​

New technologies and products have changed the way we do business more in the last twenty years than the previous hundred. Entire industries have arisen and disappeared in a rapidly changing environment that is still accelerating. From the corner store to a media empire, no-one is unaffected, but whoever adapts, survives and thrives.

So how do you navigate your business through interesting times?
You have a strategy and someone by your side to help you realize it.

Rizwan & Company business strategies aren’t documents that are read and filed away. They are adaptive tools that you can put to use every day to keep you focused on your purpose, deliver on your promise, steer your business on its mission and stay true to its vision.

Business strategy isn’t just about the big picture or outward focus, we can help you with the small things that make huge differences. How to minimize waste, structure your purchasing better, read the signals in the data your business produces every day and recognize the warnings and opportunities the moment they arise.

Business strategy has to be built on good intelligence, and our network of advisors have deep expertise in specific niches as well as a broad understanding of national and local trends. What’s just over the horizon that is truly disruptive and what is just a fad that will have no real effect? Rizwan & Company business solution advisors’ knowledge and experience will help you sift the signal from the noise and help you understand all your options. They are also experts in helping you put them into action.

Business Remodeling

At Rizwan & Company we work closely with our clients to turn around the performance of their non-performing businesses or business units. Our well experienced team immerses itself in depth into the strategic, operational and financial levels of strategies to turn around business performance in the most efficient manner. We have a number of businesses and case studies where we have been able to steer our distressed clients towards stronger financial positions.

Drafting of Policy and Procedure Manuals

Developing and updating policies and procedures are often set a our priority due to lack of resources and time. Establishing clear and consistent policies and procedures is a key factor for operating a successful organization.

Here at  Rizwan & Company our expert and experienced team can assist you either you are an organization with a need to build policies and procedures from scratch due to changes in your business or a newly enacted regulatory requirement. Or you may just need to update or enhance existing policies and procedures due to changes within your business environment.

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