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We provide full range of taxation services ranging from the filing of annual returns to the appellate tribunal. Our approach is to ensure that, the client gets the most advantageous treatment under the law while complying with the complex requirements of tax statutes and regulations.

As consultants, we advice on various aspects of business operations to provide a full range of tax services, including all aspects of sales tax, wealth tax and income tax laws and assist our clients in procuring required approvals from the Central Board of Revenue. We provide complete professional services from maintaining of formal statements and records for the purpose of filing of returns to completion of assessments. We also provide services in processing of appeals before the Commissioner of Income Tax and Income Tax Appellate Tribunal of Pakistan.

Our taxation experts are among the best in their area of expertise, most of them have legal background; every member of our tax team has extensive experience in accounting and tax affairs as well as strong presentation and negotiation skills.


Taxation, like other business cost centers, should be subject to good planning and control. We believe that all clients are different and need individual tax strategies. These strategies must ensure that liabilities are always known in advance and that maximum benefits are derived from allowances, reliefs and tax concessions.

We deal with all matters of our clients starting from the preparation of various tax returns including income tax, wealth tax and sales tax up to completion of assessment and appeals before the Commissioner Appeals, the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, and the higher courts. We also advise our clients on various tax strategies and tax saving measures falling within the law. Our philosophy is to ensure that, the client gets the most advantageous treatment under the law while complying with the complex requirements of tax statutes and regulations.

We prepare and circulate comments on Finance Bill every year, when it is presented to the National Assembly. We also supply to our clients comments on the Finance Act, finally passed. We do send copies of important circulars and other notifications issued by the Central Board Revenue to our concerned clients and keep them updated on matters relating to their businesses.


In a situation where you are considering the acquisition or merging of a business, it is essential to be aware of the full facts relating to a target entity. While such transactions can deliver huge business advantages and growth potential, there can be associated risks and threats too. If this applies to you, our comprehensive tax due diligence services can provide valuable clarity. With our team of tax due diligence specialists, we can ensure that buyers – and vendors – know all the tax implications and exposures involved. Our tax due diligence support can provide major benefits to domestic transactions. But it can also be particularly valuable in cross-border deals if the parties must contend with different and unfamiliar tax systems or regulatory requirements.

Why do you need our tax due diligence services?

The team of tax due diligent specialists at Rizwan & Company offer significant value to clients on both sides of a transaction. With our extensive knowledge of local and international tax requirements, we perform an in-depth and impartial assessment of transactions in a tax-based framework. The aim of this is to make sure buyers or sellers are making fully informed decisions at every stage. For buyers, our tax due diligence reports contain detailed information relating to all aspects of a target business. This can extend to unknown liabilities, historic risks, and potential opportunities yet to be utilized.
With this information, you can gain a much deeper understanding of how such risks or opportunities could affect the future goals of the transaction and business performance. For sellers, it can prove just as advantageous to retain our services. Using our tax due diligence checklist, our specialists analyze your current situation before and during the sale process. This can be especially beneficial in the pre-sale process. From ensuring tax compliance to mitigating risk, our preparatory tax due diligence support can expedite other parts of the sale process.

What do our tax due diligence services include?

As part of our comprehensive tax due diligence checklist,  Rizwan & Company team of specialists will review and evaluate aspects such as:

  • The historic tax profile, planning, tax examination, acquisition/disposition, and filing history of a target business in order to assess potential risks and opportunities.
  • Significant tax attributes, credits, and incentives.
  • Executive compensation matters.
  • Purchase agreement and disclosure schedules – with comments where appropriate.
  • Potential acquisition structures.
  • Tax compliance audit to curb tax evasion and ensures tax compliance.

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  • Tax planning audit to improve tax efficiency responsibly.

    Service 2
  • Tax risk audit to manage risk and enhance the confidence of individuals or key company stakeholders.

    Service 3


Part of the Rizwan & Company renowned tax offering, Rizwan & Company  Pakistan’s tax auditing services assure corporate stakeholders and private individuals that their tax accounts are being efficiently and responsibly maintained in line with state regulatory requirements. A tax audit is an examination into the background of tax related transactions to confirm that they are correctly calculated, paid and recorded.

In today’s dynamic regulatory environment, both business and individuals must conform with numerous taxation laws and so it can be difficult to keep up to date. But while the tax system in Pakistan operates on a self-assessment basis, various tax auditing checks and penalties remain in place. Our thorough tax audit services ensure compliance in order to minimize tax risk exposure for our clients

Income Tax Planning and Compliance Services

Due to our international network, we are in a position to provide tax advisory and solutions that meet your total tax planning needs – not just the local ones – and maximize the after-tax receipts to the shareholders in the home country.

Assessment and Appellate Advisory

Preparation and filling of accurate tax returns not only allows your finance team to save their time, it also saves the enterprise from penalties that could easily be avoided. Here at  Rizwan & Company our Tax Advisory Team (TAT) comes with a wealth of experience and a history of satisfied clients. You can rely on us for a range of services from preparation and filling of tax returns (Income and Wealth tax) to Filling, dealing and attending appeal hearings. We also assist our clients in preparation of information and explanation for submission to the tax authorities and any other related matters leading to the finalization of the case.

Income Tax Planning and Compliance Services

In the current regime of public finance and taxation, General Sales Tax (GST), holds a significant importance amongst the indirect taxes. The laws governing GST is constantly being updated by becoming more far reaching as well as more complex in terms of compliance and its effects on pricing decisions and planning. Here at  Rizwan & Company we combine our expertise of international tax with our understanding and practice of the local laws and regulations to provide you a reliable and accurate GST consult. Contact us today for Tax advice specifically tailored to your needs.

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